Transwarp Exhibits Advanced Products in the 2nd Digital China Summit
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On May 6 to 8, Transwarp (星环科技) is invited to participate in the 2nd Digital China Summit in Fuzhou, China, which is held by several Chinese government departments, including Cyberspace Administration of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Government of Fujian Province. Transwarp exhibits its software and solutions in this summit, which is leveraged by big data, cloud computing and AI.

Transwarp focuses on digital construction for companies by providing cloud computing, big data and AI products and services. With efforts on R&D, Transwarp builds five product series, including Transwarp Data Cloud (TDC, a data cloud platform with 7 intelligent applications), Transwarp Data Hub (TDH, a data platform), Transwarp Sophon (a AI platform), distributed database and TxData Appliance (a product contains hardware and software for big data). In 2018, TDH became the first data platform to pass the certification of The TPC Benchmark DS (TPC-DS) in the world from 2012, which is a decision support benchmark that models several generally applicable aspects of a decision support system, including queries and data maintenance. These products have adopted in to more than 10 industries, including finance, transportation, energy, government, education, manufacture, etc.

Launched in 2013, Transwarp started its business from developing big data software and solutions for traditional industries. It raised a new concept, data 3.0, which is regarded as a new era of data tech development. In the era of data 3.0, the big data platform has three features: access for all forms of data, unified programming language and combination of hardware, software as well as cloud.

After C series funding with CNY 235 million (USD 23.69 million) in 2017, Transwarp started to raise spend on developing AI products and established a R&D department for AI products. Today, it has obtained several technical patents on machine learning and data mining.

SUN Yuanhao (孙元浩), the founder and CEO of Transwarp, is very optimistic about the development prospects of China's big data technology, and he gave three reasons:

Big data is a new tach and developed quickly these years in China. Some global IT companies have absolute competition advantage on relational database, other than the new database product in big data. So Chinese companies have opportunity in this field.

The innovation speed in China is higher than in USA, and China has many talents on big data tech.

China has a great market and generated 10 times volume of data than USA. The database products form USA can not deal with many unique problems in China, so Chinese companies have to develop new products to satisfy more demands.

From 2014, Transwarp has 6 rounds of finance to D1 series in total of approximately CNY 500 million (USD 73.76 million), and its main investors includes Tencent, TCL Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group, Qiming Venture, F&G Venture and so on. With capital strength, Transwarp has opportunity to lead Chinese big data software market in the future.

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