ES6 Starts Its Test Drives
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ES6. PHOTO: Credit to NIO

The price of the ES6, NIO's second mass-produced model, was announced early, and NIO held a media test drive of the ES6 in Tianjin ahead of its official delivery. In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the ES6, NIO specially arranged the media's first test drive at a track in Tianjin. The company arranged the test drive process of the urban road + site subject + track.

Different from the "engineering vehicle" that provided test drive before, the "quasi-production version" ES6 provided by NIO for this test drive has a higher completion degree or even the closest to the mass production state. It is well known that the ES6 and ES8 share the same platform, with a slightly different wheelbase.

According to NIO, the ES6 is a 5-seater full-size production car, with a wheelbase of 2,900 mm and a body length of 4,850 mm. The body and chassis are going to be completely aluminium, and the drivetrain will be all-wheel drive standard, and also featuring active air suspension.

The design will include the X-bar and NIO's signature "Spark Beat" taillights. The range of the car with one battery charge is 410 to 510 km. The ES6 is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, a package that is also swappable just like the NIO ES8.

The ES6 will be delivered in June and will be the first commemorative model, the performance version will begin delivery in the third quarter and the base version in the fourth quarter. The rhythm of this delivery timeline shows NIO's tight schedule for ES6 delivery. Whether it is the arrival of energy-saving subsidy policies or the addition of electric SUVs from traditional car companies, the earlier the delivery, the more opportunities NIO will get.

Previously, the ES8's first commemorative edition was limited to 10,000 units, and the ES6's first commemorative edition will be limited to 6,000 units. Maybe NIO is relatively conservative about ES6 sales, but the market performance of ES6 can be learned a little bit soon after delivery in June. Actually, the first commemorative edition will be more expensive than the standard edition, and the people who are willing to pay for the first commemorative edition are more likely to be NIO's biggest fans.


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