Robust Cloud Revenues Encourge AliCloud to Sail Overseas
COVID-19 and China
Alibaba Cloud launches a data center in Indonesia. Photo: Credit to Alibaba Press Kit

Alibaba Group has announced the financial results for the 1st quarter of 2019 on May 15th. Alibaba Cloud (阿里云) revenue grew 76% YoY to USD 1.2 billion, driven by increased average spending per customer.

Alibaba cloud ranked the top in China by revenue; however, it is not contented with being the leader in China; it targets overseas. 

Targeting 2B models, Alibaba Cloud confidently prepares to compete in the global market. Within the past year, Alibaba Cloud has extended its leading position in the Chinese market to overseas markets. Presently, the company has a massive cloud computing infrastructure in Asia-Pacific and has established local nodes in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Japan.

During the IoT Smart Life Partner Conference, Ku Wei (库伟) -Alibaba Group Vice President and General Manager of Alicloud Intelligent IoT business unit-  released the “Thousands of enterprise, millions of intelligence” plan. The campaign signalled that the company will further focus on targeting businesses.

The VP has announced that Alibaba Cloud will utilize the IoT platform in the next three years; focusing on supporting more than 1,000 enterprises, helping to upgrade 1 billion smart devices, and integrate Alibaba Cloud global data centre, AliExpress and other international channels to deliver its campaign targets.

According to iFenxi; Alibaba tends to cooperate with business partners to provide more vertical products, whereas Google and Amazon are emphasizing on the establishment of the AI platform.

Alibaba Group has an impressive track record in the past 15 years, becoming a successful market-driven Chinese giant. Presumably, AliCloud targets the same success with pure market-driven and readily available pragmatic solutions. 

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