Xinhuanet and UBTECH Make a Move to K12 AI Education
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On May 26, 2019, Xinhuanet (新华网) and UBTECH Robotics (优必选) announced a close collaboration in K12 AI education at the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference (GAITC) in Nanjing, Jiangsu. 

Xinhuanet and UBTECH will cooperate in content, technology, marketing, and cooperation, providing a wide spectrum of K12 AI education products and solutions, including courses, hardware, software, professional training, and AI labs to primary and middle schools. 

As technology continuously changing people' s daily life, it is important to promote AI and tech into daily education. In August 2018, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice to use AI to help teachers. Xinhuanet and UBTECH make a move into K12 AI education, planning to provide high-quality courses and to build and operate a nationwide K12 AI community. 

Founded in 2012, Shenzhen-based UBTECH is a leading AI and humanoid robotic company reaching a valuation of almost USD 10 billion after its C+ financing. In 2018, UBTECH has finalized several commercialization plans in education. It cooperated with Tencent for personalized educational robots, and with Chinese Teenager & Children Development Service Center for coding robots and robot coding courses.

Though with a mission to "bring a robot into every home and truly integrate intelligent robots into daily lives of everyone creating a more intelligent way of live", UBTECH has been stick to business market for a long time. Business market AI robots are more applicable and comprise of 35%-40% its revenue, and the education sector is a major component. 

According to UBTECH, at the early stage, it takes collaboration to drive the consumer demand. Taking the Disney and Marvel derivatives as an example, AI enabled products will provide innovative consumer experience and help gain more attention globally. 

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