No Driving or Purchasing Restrictions for New Energy Vehicles
COVID-19 and China

The National Development and Reform Commission and other three departments issued a document, proposing that all localities should not impose restrictions on the driving and purchasing of new energy vehicles, and those that have been implemented should be cancelled.

New restrictions on vehicle purchase are strictly forbidden. Local governments that have implemented restrictions on vehicle purchase should speed up the shift from restricted purchase to guided use based on the effects of urban traffic congestion, pollution control and traffic demand control.

The statement also mentioned the need to significantly reduce the cost of new energy vehicles. The first is to accelerate the research and development and industrialization of new generation vehicle batteries, improve the energy density and safety of batteries, gradually realize the platform and standardization of batteries, and reduce the cost of batteries.

The other is to guide enterprises to innovate business models, promote new energy car battery rental and other ways of vehicle electricity consumption, reduce the cost of buying cars. Optimize product access management, avoid repeated certification, reduce enterprise operating costs.

The lifting of restrictions on new energy vehicles and the purchase of new energy vehicles is a huge encouragement to domestic new energy vehicle enterprises after the new subsidy policy is reduced in 2019. The NDRC encourages local governments to provide support for families who previously did not have a car to buy their first family new-energy vehicle, and the specific incentives and subsidies will be implemented by local governments.

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