WIM2019 Releases Annual Theme - Tech Innovation 4.0: Build a Shared Global Future
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WIM2019 Committee. Photo credit to WIM2019

On July 15, World Innovators Meet Committee (WIM Committee) officially released the theme of World Innovators Meet 2019 (WIM2019) - Tech Innovation 4.0: Build a Shared Global Future.

Science and technoloy innovations brought by the fourth revolution of science and technology has been on the up. Artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and quantum technologies represent for the new science and technology innovation. The new infrastructure construction such as 5G and cloud computation is the foundation for new digital economy.

These technologies has drastically reformed social productivity and reshaped people's lifestyle. Spawned by science and technology innovations, application scenarios for these front-end tech have broken the boundary of imagination, just like the famous saying, where there is a will, there is a way. Beyond, the rapid growth of innovations brings the new competition pattern for all participants on the playground.

Science and technology innovators have long been benefited from and supporters of global science and technology innovations. At every side of the ocean, most of the science and innovation organizations shared a common mission or vision - science and technology for a better cause. WIM believes the same, "Science and Technology for Equal". With a shared pursuit, globalization becomes an unstoppable trend driven and accelerated by world innovators.

Innovators are activists and problem solvers of global issues, just like Chinese and American Internet platform companies brought front-end technologies and world-class business management into developing countries and regions to and enjoy the benefits brought by modern technologies and ideas, and even help locals do business easier and develop their economy.

With the power of capital and the appreciation of entrepreneurship spirit, global venture capitalists interested in science and technology field deliberately help innovators in emerging markets to swiftly establish a solid “moat” from 0 to 1. Meanwhile, open-minded scholars and professionals consistently explore the opportunities to cooperate and build a network to promote innovative tech and plant seeds of sci-tech innovation in the mass.

WIM Committee secretary Huang Yuanpu noted that,

"The impact of the fourth revolution of science and technology is profound and will be even more radical than any of past science and technology renovations. Anyone that believes in Zero-sum Game looking for opportunities at this time will only look for great losses. For world sci-tech innovators, openness and coorperation are the only path to achieve win-win. While collaborating with others, making a bigger cake via innovation is the most effective solution for the majority of nowadays world issues."

Focusing on Technology Innovation 4.0, WIM will invite outstanding sci-tech innnovator representatives from all over the world to gather at Beijing to start a series of discussions, communications, thoughts collisions, etc. Estimated by WIM Committee, over 6,000 participants from the U.S., the U.K., India, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions.

WIM2019 will adopts a 1+9 conference structure. Centering World Innovators Keynotes, WIM2019 will hold nine forums for vertical industries including artificial intelligence/front-end tech innovation forum, e-commerce/new retail innovation forum, Industry Internet/ to B innovation forum, Big Health/biopharma innovation forum, cross-border business innovation forum and so on. For more details, please direct to

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