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Social media internship program for World Innovators Meet 2019. Photo: Credit to EqualOcean

This is WIM Committee speaking! We launched a splendid internship program, and now are waiting for you!

What is WIM?

Short for “World Innovators Meet" (Chinese: "世界创新者年会"), WIM is a global technology and innovation event organized by EO Company. This year, the event will be held in Beijing at Shangri-La China World Summit Wing on December 6 - 8. More than 6,000 innovators from all over the world will gather in China’s capital to discuss technological achievements and other changes caused by disruptive innovation in 2019.

WIM2019 will consist of the keynote conference and several forums with various topics such as AI, e-commerce, industry internet, health tech and so on. We will invite speakers from the U.S, the U.K, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Israel, Brazil, and other countries. Our team is also going to publish a series of reports covering different spheres affected by the current tech trends. Besides, we will launch the World Innovation Awards (WIA) to encourage the global leading enterprises, international leaders and innovators to make our world better.

To get more information about WIM, please refer to WORLD INNOVATORS MEET 2019.​

WIM internship program

Responsibilities – we offer abundant practice opportunities

1. Communicating with leading foreign entrepreneurs running businesses in China. Recording their stories and insights about industries they are involved in.

2. Introducing the WIM to technology and industry innovators from around the globe by the use of social network platforms.

3. Inviting foreign speakers from the fields related to the event’s topics.

4. Developing an execution plan of WIM and participating in the WIM organization process.

5. Organizing volunteer recruitment work.


1. Excellent writing, communication and negotiation skills in English.

2. Experience in operating public accounts in social network platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and so on.

3. Strong interest in technology and industry innovation.

4. The internship program is from July to December 8. Candidates should be able to be present at the office five days a week (time can be negotiated).


RMB 150 - 200 per day.


9 Guanghua Rd, GuoMao, Tian Jie Building 24 F, Chaoyang DC, Beijing, China (MyDreamPlus)

Hiring process

1. Send your resume and #task# to Please use “WIM internship application + Name” as an email subject.

#task# Please write an article (above 500 words in English) introducing a standout global conference and explaining the reasons behind your choice.

2. We will contact qualified applicants within two workdays upon receiving an email and schedule an interview.

3. Final results will be released within two workdays after the interview.

About us

World Innovators Meet (WIM) is an evolution of past EO Innovators Conference events (EIC). During the past four years, EIC had attracted thousands of innovators and influenced industries intensively and profoundly in China. WIM aims to extend its influence on a global scale and will be a world-class event for innovators from all over the world.

The organizer is EO Company (, a Chinese leading technology and industrial innovation platform. EO dedicates to connecting the Real Economy, New Tech, New Ideas and New Policy, by multiple services including content and information, research, short video, conference, entrepreneurs training and so on. Founded in 2014, EO has completed five rounds of financing invested by InCapital, Gaorong Capital, Star VC, Peakview Capital and so on.

EqualOcean, the overseas business team born in EO, is a leading industrial tech media and investment research company that focuses on technological and industrial innovation in China. EqualOcean will be the main organizer of WIM2019.

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