WIM Salon, A Meeting of Minds for the Innovative 2.5%
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World Innovators Meet Salon is approaching, just waiting for you. Image credits to EqualOcean.

WIM Salon (World Innovators Meet Salon), a new project by EqualOcean, starts on August 25. This is a new knowledge-sharing platform that aims to fill the communication gap between investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, influencers from China and other countries. We believe, that through this platform many talented people will also gain influence and contribute to the world.

WIM Salons due to launch in Beijing with the potential of expanding to other cities in China, and beyond.  

Why do we need WIM?

As observed by Prof. Everett M. Rogers in his theory on “The Diffusion of Innovation” only 2.5% of the world population qualify as innovators. So how should we define them? Certainly, definitions vary and no one has the final say. In sum, the innovator is a value creator who does not hesitate to influence the masses, has the courage to lead and will likely make a difference in our world.

We live in the new era of technology and economy that brings a myriad of opportunities on one hand and countless challenges on the other. In short, ours is a golden period for those who have the courage to innovate. As a result, today we see more companies and products emerge better and stronger than at any time before.

Aside from the mainstream technological hubs such as Silicon Valley, Tel-Aviv, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, more of these powerhouses are looming on the horizon: New Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Chengdu.

From a micro perspective, although cities are akin to a beehive of innovation, it is not easy for its dwellers to find the right circles or platforms to share ideas. And from a macro perspective, despite China’s status as the world’s second-largest economy, we can hardly find a real international platform to connect innovators from all over the world.

That is the backdrop against which we decide to host the WIM2019 (2019 World Innovators Meet) on December 6-8 in China World Summit Wing Beijing, under the theme of “Tech Innovation 4.0: Build a Shared Global Future”. We aim to bring together about 6,000 innovators from all around the world to reflect on this year and ring in 2020 by sharing our visions about innovation trends in 2020.

Why do we need WIM Salon?

In this age of information overload, the success of start-ups hinges upon the efficiency of communication and the strength of social ties. For industrial innovators and entrepreneurs, it is vitally important to have efficient communication channels and strong connections to build social and career recognition.

We’ve noticed this demand, and decided to launch WIM Salon. The Salon also will be an occasion to involve attendees in more intimate, deep discussions about specific issues. Compared to large events such as WIM2019, Salon features more flexible formats that allow attendees to not only “establish connections” but learn and share as well.

The format of Salon implies to have a capacity limitation, we will restrict the number of participants for each session to between 30 and 50. We believe a smaller setting will encourage people to communicate and engage each other more efficiently, instead of just being on the receiving end of information.

Therefore, we have higher expectations for our guests and participants.

Who are our attendees?

Contributors, also guest speakers at the Salons. First of all, they are innovators who are willing to contribute their knowledge and wisdom to the audience. The contributors are invited by the WIM Salon Committee, or recommended by previous speakers. In general, contributors should tick the following boxes: They are technology start-up founders, industrial entrepreneurs, senior executives, renowned media representatives; authors, scholars, researchers, and scientists - with a long-time commitment to tech innovation; and other global influencers with a technological background.

Innovators (i.e. participants). They are the most important as they not only attend the Salon but contribute with questions and actively challenge speakers. As each event will have a particular topic, we believe that it helps to build a strong community that empathic toward and passionate about innovations.

WIMies or volunteers at WIM Salon. These are students and professionals who basically help to make Salons possible. They are tech enthusiasts and keen to learn from the best of their peers. If you are good at copywriting, design or videography, you are welcome to join our WIM Salon team! During the events, you will expand your network and gain many opportunities that will boost your career.

WIM Salon's schedule in 2019:

We are having our first meeting on August 25, at MyDreamPlus co-working space on the 24th floor of the Tianjie Building in Chaoyang District of Beijing. As this is our first event, our topic is general: “Innovators Meet in Beijing”. Open the link for more information: WIM Salon

Our general schedule:


Our partners:

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WIM Salon would not happen without our partner’s support. We are grateful to mydream+, Startup Grind, Chinaccelerator, and Nordic-China Startup Forum.

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