Yunhu Health Receives CNY 220 mn, in a Move to Provide "One-stop" Inspection
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An Hangzhou-based self-proclaimed online clinic, Yunhu Health, carried out its Pre-Series B funding round worth of CNY 220 million from the investors, including, among others, Zhongwei Capital (众为资本), China Creation Ventures (CCV) (创世伙伴资本) and BioTrack Capital (博远资本). The transaction marked yet another investment in China's ever-growing Online Clinic scene.

Yet, the company's services can be regarded as the new-generation online clinic services, since it integrates in-vitro diagnostic products into its service scope and creates "one-stop online medical services platform".

Yunhu aims at collecting biomedical data from household on-demand, carry over the sample to the laboratory in 2-4 hours, and submit the results into a medical cloud so that the patient can be enlightened as soon as possible. The service is time-efficient in urban areas, vital in rural areas, and cost-efficient everywhere, the firm claims.

Currently, the company is proud that its services also alleviate one major structural problem in China's healthcare, the rural and urban gap. The company claims to concentrate its service in second and lower-tier cities to provide an accessible and professional laboratory inspection for those who can not reach this service in rural areas, by connecting the related -parties via its "cold-supply-chain".

The Hangzhou-based business was founded in 2017 and aims to make medical examination and diagnosis more convenient, creating China's first internet platform for a medical examination that connects more than a thousand local medical institutions.

According to the firm, Yunhu Health has covered 25 provinces, 450 prefecture-level cities, and has 150,000 cooperative clinics; as of September 2019.

The company claimed to target operating with 500,000 primary-level medical institutions, which is more than half of all the "grassroots medical institutions in China"; which are over 900,000. 

Apart from JD Health's massive USD 1 billion raise, China's online clinic field raised over CNY 5.3 billion within the first half of 2019 in 53 transactions, and China's online giants, including among others, Tencent, Alibaba and Ping An have initiated their products to operate in this fruitful field. Yet, with its unusual solution, Yunhu may find a reasonable position to survive and thrive in China's competitive online healthcare services field. 

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