Programming Meets History as Codemao Cooperates with Forbidden City
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Representatives of the two sides after signing the cooperation. Image Credit: Codemao official wechat

Recently, children's leading programming education firm Codemao (编程猫) and Beijing Forbidden City Culture Development (北京故宫宫廷文化发展有限公) held a signing ceremony in Shenzhen. The two sides formally reached a strategic in-depth cooperation to use technology to promote the cultural heritage of the Forbidden City. 

Qin Yingfei (秦莺飞), partner of Codemao, and Niu Juntong (牛君桐), head of the Palace Culture IP Division of the Forbidden City, were the two representatives who signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The director of the China Copyright Protection Center and the organizer of the International IP Exhibition Association also attended the signing ceremony.

The Forbidden City is one of the most well-known cultural and historical treasures in the world. It was reported by China daily that the number of visitors to visit the Forbidden City exceeded 17 million last year making it the museum with the most visitors in the world. It is the only museum in the world which has broken through tens of millions of people and cherishes a total of more than a million pieces of cultural relics. 

However Forbidden City has never stopped innovating, taking advantage of the technology such as VR and IR to enhance the viewing experience of the visitors. Visitors at Duanmen gallery of the Forbidden City can wear a VR headset and walk around a virtual hall. They can then relax to watch a video featuring a 3D rendering of the hall.  

Codemao on the other hand is a recognized leader in China’s children’s programing education. It aims to teach programing to children aged 4-16. The startup has independently created programing languages for children such as the kitten language. They teach children programing via animations and games. According to Jingmedia the firm has educated 20.6 million primary and secondary school students in China. 

Li Tianchi (李天驰), co-founder and CEO of Codemao, hopes that with the help of AI, younger generation of the country will be able to witness more history and that too in an interesting way. By viewing the history through VR, unlocking the treasures of the Forbidden City in programming games etc. The younger generation will use their own language to tell the public about China's history and culture in a more vivid and dynamic way, and creatively express their understanding and thinking about traditions and cultures.

Niu Juntong, head of the IP business department of the Forbidden City Culture Development also revealed that in the future, the two sides will hold a series of interesting events to promote the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation in the field of youth programming education and AI programming ideas around the National Palace Museum. The two sides jointly launched the first Youth Palace Creative Programming Competition and jointly released Forbidden City themed programming open class.

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