WIM Salon | Healthcare for 1.4 billion: From Digitalization to Big Data, and Beyond
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Healthcare for 1.4 billion: From Digitalization to Big data, and Beyond (Panel Discussion)

Beijing has set out the new vision and standards for the country’s near-future in healthcare, boldly stating that "1.4 billion people will be provided with high-quality healthcare services by 2030." 

The country is currently struggling with scarce and unequally distributed human capital in healthcare services. Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a crucial role in overcoming scarce human capital and providing diagnosis and treatment for the masses. 

The "Healthy China 2030 vision" is challenging to achieve without a comprehensive infrastructure overhaul in China's healthcare facilities, which we predict that will start from the digitization of healthcare services, reforms in the medical insurance system and the utilization of big data to provide smarter healthcare.

Financing the healthcare arising from the ageing population will be yet another major challenge that the country has to overcome. 

To discuss the trends, we're gathering the industry leaders from medical AI, medical insurance and healthcare private equity. 

We are more than excited to announce the Healthcare Session of WIM Salon X Beijing. The theme of the discussion is ‘Healthcare for 1.4 billion: from digitalization to big data, and beyond...

We will cover such topics, as:

The New Normal of China's healthcare under the policy reform framework;

Revolutionizing healthcare with big data;

Commercialization of AI + Healthcare;

Successful digital transformation strategies in healthcare;

The future of China's healthcare and Private Equity opportunities.

About Our Guests

TU Weiwei, Head of Business at Healthcare Unit, 4Paradigm (第四范式)

As a genuine 'paradigm shifter,' 4Paradigm is an AI company, providing several high tech solution for different industries, including healthcare. The company's AI-driven diagnosis solution for diabetes is said to have over 88% precision.

To represent the AI vanguard, we invite the company's Head of Business of the Healthcare Unit. Tu Weiwei is the designer of the world's first deep learning system application based on FPGA and the developer of ELF, Baidu's machine learning computing architecture.

Peng Xuan, Co-CEO, Yuanxin Huibao (圆心惠保)

Yuanxin Huibao, a Beijing-based insurtech startup, secured it Series A financing round led by Sequoia China and Qiming Venture Partners. We're going to host the Co-Ceo of the health insurance company, Peng Xuan. 

The Co-CEO holds his PhD degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in Software Engineering. In 2015, he was invited as an exceptional researcher to the China Smart City Development Research Center (Northwest Branch). In 2017 he attended the Big Data Plan project of Beijing University Chinese Medicine as one of the project leaders. 

Wang Xiao, Vice President and Product Marketing Director, Shukun Technology

Wang Xiao is a true medical imaging veteran. Prior to Shukun, he served as MRI China Region Marketing Leader for GE Healthcare and was a member of the Commercial Leadership Program of the giant conglomerate. He is from a computer engineering background. 

Jun Ming XU, Assistant General Manager, Beijing Financial Street Capital

Having years of experience in Investment Banking and investment; Jun Ming Xu is Commentator of CCTV Financial Channel &CCTV Economic Voice. He will be hosting the event and asking striking questions to our guests. 

WIM Salon X Beijing is a technology and innovation event organized by EqualOcean. We invite outstanding representatives with sophisticated tech and industrial backgrounds, as well as investment organizations to explore and discuss cutting-edge technologies. We are aligned with EqualOcean’s WIM2019 conference that will gather 6,000 innovators (entrepreneurs, investors, influencers) from all around the World.

In September, EqualOcean provided an in-depth overview of how the “myriad of opportunities” in China's healthcare services scene came into being and analyzed to what extent the industry presents an opening for VC/PE investors. We want to discuss the latest trends in more detail via the experiences of industry veterans. 

Company executives and corporate leaders and start-up representatives who are interested in learning more about China's new generation of healthcare services are invited to join the Salon.

Register via this link.

*Contributor: Yusuf Tuna

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