AntFinancial Expands Electronic Signature Footprint with Esign Investment
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Esign (e签宝) has completed its series B+ round of financing on October 12, investors include Ant Financial and GOBI China. It's worth noting that the founder and CEO of Esign Mr. Jin Zhouhong (金宏洲) used to be a member of Alibaba in its early stage.

Currently, customers who use Dingding (钉钉) can get the micro-application of esign from Dingding directly. Except for electronic signature, esign also offers electronic contracts and online documentary service.

Previously, e-sign has secured the Pre-A round of financing of CNY10 million, in 2015, followed by and CNY 45 million in series A round of financing in December 2016. In January 2018, e-sign received another CNY 150 million in series B. The total amount of its fundraising disclosed so far reached more than CNY205 million.

According to the company's official website, as of December 2018, e-sign has 52 copyrights and 16 patents and undertakes two national-level projects. It serves more than 2.89 million corporate users, and have cooperation partners with leading tech companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Hikvision.

Since the U.S. electronic signature service platform, DocuSign received USD 233 million in its Series F round of financing in 2015, the domestic electronic signature market has been favored by unprecedented attention and capital. DocuSign's current total market capitalization has exceeded USD 11 billion. It has grown by nearly 150% compared to approximately USD 4.5 billion when it was issued. (法大大), which is also engaged in electronic signature services, has completed in the Series C round of financing with CNY 398 million led by Tiger Global and Tencent in March 2019. Bestsign (上上签) also completed its series C round of financing in August 2018, raised CNY 358 million. 

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