Maintenance Solution Provider United AI Completes Pre-A Round of Financing
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Founded in 2018, United AI (联智科技) is an acoustics technology-based predictive maintenance solution provider. According to its website, the core technology has been applied to large-scale production systems such as the energy industry, steel industry, and complex production systems for machinery manufacturing. Currently, most revenues have been generated by SaaS service and project landing, and it's been predicted to achieve CNY 10 million revenue this year.

The maintenance of industrial manufacturing equipment such as construction machinery, elevators, pumps, industrial robots, etc., itself faces enormous challenges. Unplanned downtime of equipment, difficult maintenance, and expensive maintenance not only seriously affect manufacturing efficiency and quality, but also give manufacturers Bringing high maintenance costs; how to effectively and accurately maintain equipment has become a difficult problem to overcome in the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing; with the maturity of IoT, big data, edge computing and other technologies, predictive maintenance has emerged. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance that monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures.

The leading investor of this funding is Turing Ventures (图灵创投), which was founded in 2018, which focus on early-stage equity investments in areas related to artificial intelligence and information technology. They've seen opportunities in the improvement of customers' operating and maintenance efficiency and increase productivity.

Nearly ten motor analysis models have been covered in the data platform of United AI. The motor selection principle of the database is driven by customer demand, but modeling is based on the type of motor. The advantage of this is that the analytical model is highly standardized and easy to scale and apply across industries. CTO Wang Zhisheng (王志晟) said that United AI's new data analysis model for a motor type can be completed in about two months.

According to EqualOcean's report 'From Fizzling to Sizzling: China Industry Internet Report 2019', the digital factory is driving digital transformation into the manufacturing industry. Industrial leaders are introducing innovative, data-based services to digitize essential functions within their internal vertical manufacturing processes. These enterprises will work for them internally, also with suppliers in industrial digital ecosystems. So as United AI, other players in this vertical are moving from maintenance solution providers into an integrated industrial platform. 

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