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As the business landscape continuously becoming complicated in 2019, survival game gets crueler and heats up the competition for global companies. Investors are cautious than ever due to the cooling-down market; the commercialization path of new tech leads to an unknown destination; traffic costs more gold than the past and companies struggle to attract users; the development mode of ‘barbarically grow then gradually finetune’ cannot fit in the time, neither will the market buy the story…

The next watershed will probably come in 2020. Chinese government’s plan of constructing a “moderately prosperous and harmonious society” will due in 2020; people expect a renounce after a long gloomy period while the situation may go dimmer. The harsh environment can force talent. Opportunities come with challenges. Some take the chances and lead the time while some submerge with the past glories.

Those who lead the trend are innovators that make breakthroughs and find the way out of the dilemma. The direction and the how-to are the questions asked the most. We conducted surveys and hundreds of global entrepreneurs and innovators responded with the questions that they want to ask the most.

We select the 100 questions for world innovators and we look forward to finding the best answers. On December 6-8, World Innovators Meet 2019 will hold 10+ sessions and gather more than 6,000 participants to find the answers for these questions. Be prepared for 2020 and the future beyond.

The followings are some of the questions and the preliminary views from leading innovators:

Where is the “dilemma” of innovation?

How can digitalization improve organizational efficiency?

Under a time of unstable, what will be overturned and where are the innovations?

Can we culture creativity via education? How to evolve the education system?

What is the most critical ability in the digitalization process of banks?

How does bank disrupter meet SMEs' financial needs?

What are the investment opportunities spurred by new consumption?

My words for new retail trend as an influence and startup founder

What is the next chapter for the Internet?

In IR4, what should investors seek for?

With global perspectives, what is the direction of innovation?

How to realize “curve overtaking” with help from tech innovation?

What is the best thing in starting up a business for women?

Why hard tech is the mainstream for future investment?

What can we expect from the satellite industry’s development?

Where is the best place for tech innovations?

Why is hard tech significant and what are the new requirements for hard tech companies in IR4?

The gap in integrated circuit design and manufacturing exists among countries. How to develop the local IC industry and compete with top players?

What will industry Internet be in 10 years?

How do innovators interpret the nature of the innovation in industry Internet?

What is the global trend of medical innovation?

How do we understand the difference in medical innovation between the East and the West?

About World Innovators Meet 2019

World Innovators Meet is a top event held in China each December since 2015. The event recognizes the best innovators of the year and raises questions for curious minds and innovative crowds to discover in their business practice.

World Innovators Meet 2019 will be held on Dec 6 - 8 at China World Summit Wing. We have confirmed 100+ guest speakers from all over the world to share their thoughts and discoveries on the way to innovate.


*Contributor: Yingwei Fu
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