NIO Capital Donates CNY 2 million to Wuhan’s New Technology Development Zone
COVID-19 and China
The city under siege, Wuhan, China. Image credit: Bruce Hong/Unsplash

On January 30, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, NIO Capital has shown its concern for the province of Hubei and its capital by donating CNY 2 million to the Social Development Bureau of Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone. 

In addition, as members of NIO Capital are distributed across several major fields such as travel services, energy and intelligent logistics, they will provide future support in terms of directing investments and managing materials.

A member of NIO Capital, Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur (首汽约车)’ responded to the requirements of the Wuhan Air Defense Command overnight, convening 502 professional drivers within 8 hours to form an emergency ‘Social Security Convoy’ to support community neighborhood committees. The community residents in the two districts of Tongkou and Qiaokou provided guaranteed travel services and emergency medical treatment for critical non-fever diseases.

Dida Chuxing, a member of NIO Capital Travel Services, had to temporarily close its Wuhan inter-city and intra-city services due to the closure of Wuhan City on January 23rd. The platform noted all outstanding intercity orders to and from Wuhan and arranged free cancellation of the trips. 

Altogether, members of NIO Capital, Nenglian Group (能链集团) have raised more than CNY 1.3 million. The company donated a total of CNY 3 million, of which CNY 2 million was used to support the construction of the Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which is the building China is trying to build as quickly as possible to fight against the epidemic. Other than that, CNY 1 million has been assigned for rescue vehicles refueling and charging. At the same time, it provided oil and electricity energy protection for emergency travel alliances, free charging support for various platforms, and launched a technology solution to provide technical support for national energy security.

Other members of NIO Capital, such as Black Sesame Technologies, Inceptio (嬴彻科技) and BoCloud (博云), are also actively supporting Hubei’s epidemic-afflicted areas through donations, fundraising and provision of exclusive free services to epidemic support organizations. Among them, Black Sesame Technologies is looking for sources around the world. It has collected 10,000 N95 masks, 1,000 protective clothing items and other medical equipment from 3M factories in India, and shipped them directly from India to Zhongshan Hospital in Hubei Province. The shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan has created a health barrier for frontline medical staff.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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