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May 23, 2020 00:18

Xiaomi's Market Value Surpasses Baidu

On this special day of May 21, Xiaomi's market value surpassed USD 40 billion, surpassing Baidu.
1) Since May, Xiaomi's stock price has risen sharply. On May 21, Xiaomi's stock price closed at HKD 12.70 / share, which is a 24.5% increase from the closing price of HKD 10.20 / share on April 29. The market value of Xiaomi has also skyrocketed in this process, with the latest market value reaching HKD 316 billion and a contract of USD 40.77 billion, which is higher than Baidu's USD37.4 billion.
2) Such stock price performance is in stark contrast to the downturn and struggle a year ago. Since 2019, Xiaomi's share price has been in a state of decline for a long time. In May of last year, Xiaomi's share price fell below HKD 10 per share, and it has been sluggish in the price of HKD 9 per share for many months in a row.
3) The 2019 annual report that exceeded expectations, coupled with Xiaomi's continued occupation in the 5G market, these positive factors finally made Xiaomi's stock price all the way from HKD 9 to HKD 12.

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Source: IFENG