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Jun 2, 2020 11:17

BeiGene Releases Updated Data from Phase 3 Head-to-Head Clinical Trial of Zebutinib

BeiGene (BGNE:NASDAQ;06160:HKEX) published the results of the ASPEN Phase 3 clinical trial follow-up of Zebutinib versus Ibrutinib for the treatment of patients with Warburg Macroglobulinemia (WM) at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).
“These results provided strong evidence that Zebutinib is a potent BTK inhibitor with a significant improvement in safety and tolerability compared to Ibrutinib,” said Weijuan Huang, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of BeiGene Hematology, “What's more, WM is usually seen in older patients and compared to Ibrutinib, Zebutinib is also superior at this point in cardiovascular safety risk.”

Source: official site of BeiGene