Kaishu Story Details
Jun 2, 2020 16:29

Kaishu Story's First Live-Stream Promoting Brings CNY 11.68 Million Turnover

On Children's day, Kaishu Story (凯叔讲故事) hosted a live stream to share scientific stories and promote traditional Chinese classics with the audience.
The live stream lasted three hours, with more than 8,000 audiences tuned in. The app also launched new columns like “Kaishu—The Book of Songs”. Although this is the first live stream hosted by Kaishu Story, it successfully sold the storybooks and education curriculums from the sponsors, gaining a turnover of CNY 11.68 million. Many believe that the company will normalize live stream events to promote their app product and gain profit from promoting.

Associated Companies: Yuanfudao

Source: Bei Guo Net