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Jun 2, 2020 18:36

Pinduoduo Launches Airline Ticket Business

Following the launch of the train ticket service, Pinduoduo has recently launched the airline ticket service. Just like the train ticket service, the entrance is located in the ‘Recharge Center’ section of the Pinduoduo App homepage. Sina Technology has verified Pinduoduo in this regard. As of press time, there is no response from Pinduoduo.
Last year, Pinduoduo explained that the online train ticket business is similar to the purchase of virtual tickets such as scenic tickets. The platform found that users have such consumer demand in the App scene, so a service plug-in was added, and the platform was not intended to be an official Independent business launched. However, for the e-commerce platform with traffic, it is not surprising to expand the business layout. Whether Pinduoduo hopes to get involved in the tourism industry with transportation fields such as train tickets and air tickets remains to be seen.

Source: sina