Black Spade Joins Healthcare Cloud Startup My Platform
COVID-19 and China
A doctor is e-editing the medical document. Image credit: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

Black Spade Capital, the family wealth fund of Lawrence Ho, the CEO of Melco International (0200:HKSE), announced an equity investment in a Hong Kong-based telehealthcare My Platform.

The Hong Kong startup behind My Platform integrates the cloud into smart healthcare. Based on the online gateway, doctors, medical groups, insurance companies, patients and even corporate HR departments – all participants from medical consultation to the insurance claims can have easy access to the data and analyze it from different perspectives.

Founded in 2016, the startup has expanded its market to Beijing, Shenzhen and other tier-one mainland cities and built an offshore development center in Guangzhou. It aims to save practitioners’ time from tedious paperwork by promoting a paperless working office in hospitals and clinics. Backed by a sophisticated operating system and a smooth user experience, My Platform has been popularized in Hong Kong’s hundreds of medical institutions, including Virtus Medical, H Zentre, iRAD and other healthcare giants.

With a comprehensive solution for data protection and advantages in the real-time track of the claiming process, it has become a recognizable brand in Hong Kong’s healthcare ecology. Equipped with a capital bankroll from Black Spade, now this startup is ambitious to conquer the mainland market.

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