GSX Techedu Touches a USD 20 Billion Valuation
COVID-19 and China
soaring stocks. Image credit: Nick Chong/unsplash

GSX Techedu stock closed trading at USD 78.22 as of Wednesday, July 8, an increase of USD 9.16, or 13.17% from the previous closing price of USD 69.06. The stock traded between USD 69.84 and USD 83.13, pushing the total market value to a staggering USD 18.672 billion. 

The market value is increasing by each day, even after being shorted 11 times by research firms such as Muddy Waters, Citron Research, Grizzly Research and Scorpio VC. The latest report was published by EducationEquity – research based on Grizzly Research’s’ open-source data, saying GSX gave their explanations about some of the short-seller questions, but always evading the important subject under discussion, and giving many false and misleading responses.

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