Alibaba Aims to Serve over 1 Billion Consumers in China
COVID-19 and China
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Zhang mentioned a list of new ambitious goals for China's e-commerce giant in the company’s annual report, released Friday.

“Our next goal is to serve more than 1 billion consumers in China and facilitate more than CNY 10 trillion in consumption on our platforms in the next five years as we continue on the path of globalization,” Zhang added in a letter to shareholders included in the firm's 2020 financial report. 

The letter mentioned that the company is supporting its goals with investments in digital infrastructure related to digital logistics, digital e-commerce, cloud computing and digital e-commerce. Despite facing problems, according to Zhang the digital transformation of China's economy and society is unstoppable.

The company’s total revenue reached a staggering CNY 509.71 billion in the reporting period, up 35% YoY from CNY 376.84 billion in the fiscal year 2019.

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