Challenging Ping An Good Doctor, JD Health Marches into Family Doctor Business
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The family doctor concept is emerging in the Chinese consumer market. Image credit: CDC/Unsplash

The family doctor in China is no longer a service beyond the scope of most people. JD Health, the third unicorn of JD Group, launched the JD Family Doctor service on August 18. So far, JD Health has engaged in online pharmacy creation, Internet hospitals, consumable healthcare and digitalization solutions for clinics and hospitals.

Unlike the family doctor service on Ping An Good Doctor, JD Health does not plan to build a self-owned doctor team. Instead, it establishes an online platform to unite only expert doctors from triple-A hospitals to provide a service package to each family. The platform will manage a doctor team for each family, including a duty doctor, health manager, and four specialist doctors.

Ping An Good Doctor is the first online healthcare provider to launch a family doctor service. Although insurer-backed healthcare has not realized profits, its business model is accelerating and benefiting from the exclusive family doctor service. Now it faces a threat from JD Health, an e-commerce giant that can leverage traffic advantage and cloud technology.

On the day JD Health launched the service, the market value of (JD:Nasdaq) soared over USD 110 billion, surpassing Pinduoduo (PDD:Nasdaq).

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