Industrials Author:Yangni Liu Aug 20, 2020 02:41 PM (GMT+8)

Clients have higher needs for products and lower requirements for costs, which may trigger the development of intelligent manufacturing. Sany is using the intelligent manufacturing industry to realize high quality and high efficiency.

Image Credit: Unsplash

CCTV is reporting on Sany again, and it is genuinely digging into the manufacturing industry. Specifically, it is mainly focusing on the busy production cycle taking shape in intelligent manufacturing. According to this reporting, June to August used to be the offseason for engineering manufacturing, but, with the massive growth in this year’s market orders, there is a more robust demand in engineering machinery.

To meet the vigorous market demand, Sany is largely promoting digital transformation. Apart from being the first ‘lighthouse industry’ (灯塔工厂), Sany also keeps expanding other industry lines. Thanks to its digital transformation plan, the firm’s operating efficiency has increased massively – there was a 2.07-point improvement in its gross profit rates in 2019. Moreover, its net cash flow reached a historical high recently at CNY 13.26 billion.

According to CCTV’s reports, there was an eruptive growth in the manufacturing industry, which benefitted Sany’s development. On the one hand, construction investment drives an increase in the manufacturing industry’s needs. On the other hand, the leading enterprises are putting more investments in intelligent manufacturing, improving the quality of products and management efficiency.