Automotive, Technology Author:Manqing Fang , Qasim Khan Editor:Luke Sheehan Sep 16, 2020 03:06 PM (GMT+8)

Baidu shows its intelligent product transformations on the air – through CCTV news.

App. Image Credit: Daniel Frank/Unsplash

The 'Intelligence of Everything-Baidu World 2020' conference organized by Baidu and CCTV News opened a live broadcast on September 15, 2020. CCTV news anchor Bao Xiaofeng and Baidu Group's general manager of the intelligent driving group, Li Zhenyu, experienced the fully driverless Robotaxi together in Beijing Shougang Park.

During the conference, Baidu Driverless System Apollo's first appearance of its '5G Cloud Drive' was also a highlight. Based on new infrastructure facilities such as 5G, smart transportation, and V2X, it can make up new transformations for driverless systems. As this 'AI driver' has been able to cope with most road conditions, the extreme scenarios are not very likely to happen. Unlike ordinary safety officers, a cloud driver – who manually monitors cars' safety and makes reactions – can serve many vehicles at the same time. 

Besides demonstrating the new changes in autonomous driving cars, the conference also released an innovative searching product, 'Du Xiaoxiao.' According to Shen Dou, Executive Vice President of Baidu Group, Du Xiaoxiao is a developmental virtual assistant app, but very different from the past voice assistants that "only have voice capabilities but cannot be seen." Relying on AI ​​technology capabilities accumulated over 20 years of searching engine experience, Baidu has already made many experienced attempts. Baidu's core brain technology also drives Du Xiaoxiao's development, and its bottom layer adopts Xiaodu Assistant's conversational artificial intelligence operating system. Based on Baidu's mobile ecology centered on information and knowledge, Du Xiaoxiao can quickly process the knowledge users have recorded and return with accurate services afterward. Through more interaction with users, Du Xiaoxiao can also learn and mimic human thinking, complete self-evolution, and grow together with its users.