Communication Author: Chendi Qian Editor: Luke Sheehan Nov 03, 2020 06:20 AM (GMT+8)

The fashion brand teamed up with video game 'Honor of Kings,' which has over 100 million daily active users worldwide.

Image credit: Konstantin Savusia/Shutterstock

Recently, Burberry announced that it had formed a partnership with Tencent Games to conduct in-depth cooperation with its video game 'Honor of Kings.'

The research results of Tencent and Burberry showed that young Chinese consumers' interest in digital games kept growing. This group of fashion-conscious and Internet-savvy consumers is the perfect audience for Burberry's evolving digital strategy.

Zhang Yunxin, President of Burberry China, said, "Adding Burberry's unique style elements to Tencent's gaming environment allows customers to interact with the brand in a more innovative and free form."

This popular game, with 100 million daily active users, has a considerable IP value. Based on this, this internationally loved game actively expanded its cooperation with customers in various fields and began to exert its efforts in the entire line of model toys, clothing, daily necessities, stationery, beauty, and fast-moving consumer goods.

In July of this year, 'Honor of Kings' and Burberry opened the first offline concept retail store.