Technology Author:Zhenduo Wang Nov 25, 2020 11:14 AM (GMT+8)

The state-owned telecommunication company plans to change the development of 6G from 'inverted triangular' mode to 'square' mode with the cooperation of electronic manufacturers.


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On November 24, the vice-chairman of China Mobile Research Institute, Huang Yuhong, disclosed that China Mobile has started the prophase research of 6G technology, on the occasion of China Mobile's twentieth-anniversary salon. The state-owned telecommunications company said it is cooperating with several top universities, such as Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, to conduct 6G research.

According to the vice-chairman, China's 5G development is an "inverted triangular" mode, which means China develops a great number of application scenarios (the top) but China's chip innovation and production is relatively backward (the bottom). The company is working with cooperative enterprises to achieve a "square" development mode in the 6G area, which means strong chip innovation and production ability supports more application scenarios.

The 6G technology concept was put forward by China as early as 2019. It is estimated that the peak rate will reach 100 Gbit or even 1 Tbit per second, increasing tenfold compared with 5G technology. On November 6, 2020, China launched an experimental 6G test satellite into orbit. The satellite will verify the terahertz (THz) communication technology in space.

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