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73% of the selected AI Entrepreneurs are based in Beijing and Shanghai, two major technology and education hubs of the Asian nation.

2020 Tech Entrepreneurs in China 2020

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Artificial intelligence (AI) essentially refers to computing technologies inspired by the natural intelligence generated in the human brain and nervous system, but they usually operate in very different ways. For more than a century, the concept of artificial intelligence has been a source of inspiration for many science fiction writers and futurists. Nowadays, with the development of computer science and data analytics, AI has been deployed on a large scale in all walks of life. Artificial intelligence has begun to surpass humans in a series of work activities, including those that require cognitive abilities. It is not hard to see that AI is going to become the next wave of the technology revolution which will deeply alter the lifestyle in the world. Also, the market size of global artificial intelligence grows fast over these years.

As one of the most important economies in the world, China also plays a fundamental role to promote the progress of artificial intelligence. 

On one hand, this is derived from the passion of all AI entrepreneurs. They have dedicated themselves to this field and delivered all kinds of efforts to push forward the artificial intelligence industry.

On the other hand, the government is supporting the development of artificial intelligence in various forms. China has formed a joint AI promotion mechanism. Since 2015, many policies supporting the development of artificial intelligence have been released successively, providing a large number of project development funds for the development and implementation of artificial intelligence technology, and providing support for the introduction of artificial intelligence talents and enterprise innovation. These policies not only provide a solid policy direction for the introduction of artificial intelligence talents and enterprise innovation. These policies not only provide a solid policy direction for the development of the industry but also send a positive signal to the capital market and industry stakeholders. In terms of promoting market applications, the Chinese government has followed its example by directly purchasing products related to the application of domestic artificial intelligence technology, which has successively landed in many smart cities, smart government affairs, and other projects. 

Why is this list?

By launching the '30 AI Entrepreneurs in China 2020' list, EqualOcean attempts to give the global audience a crop of the country's best industry talents. We look at the candidates' business roles, internationalization and AI relevance of their businesses, among other variables helping us to select the most promising AI leaders.

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