Health Guard Biotechnology Raises CNY 1 Bn in Pre-IPO Round

Healthcare Author: Fuller Wang Aug 13, 2021 11:35 AM (GMT+8)

Established in 2008, the high-tech healthcare company has launched over ten popular HPV and COVID-19 vaccine products.


On August 12, 2021, Health Guard Biotechnology announced the completion of a pre-IPO round of financing of CNY 1.02 billion, which is invested by several famous investment institutions such as CCB International, YF Financial Group, Jemincare and Yingke PE. CEC Capital and WinX Capital served as the joint financial adviser team. According to the company, the proceeds from the financing will be mainly used for the clinical research of the company's recombinant HPV vaccine and the construction of the Kunming Vaccine Lab.

Founded in 2008, Health Guard Biotechnology is a high-tech healthcare company focusing on the research and production of innovative biomedicine in the field of public health. As an innovative vaccine provider, Health Guard Biotechnology is developing HPV vaccine, new crown vaccine and other products that are highly concerned by the market. From a technical point of view, Health Guard Biotechnology mainly focuses on recombinant protein vaccines. The company has established several key technology platforms, including recombinant virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine design, VLP protein expression and vaccine engineering technology, VLP vaccine quality evaluation and vaccine antibody preparation. In 2020, in response to the trend of normalization of COVID-19, Health Guard Biotechnology also independently developed a new vaccine that could prevent the infection of variant strains. We look forward to the company's next vaccine research and development and the company's overall development.