Technology Author: Contributor, Yidu Tech Sep 10, 2021 03:33 PM (GMT+8)

Yidu Tech Inc. (2158:HK), a healthcare big data and artificial intelligence solutions provider, announced that its subsidiary, YiduCloud, ranked No. 1 among the Chinese healthcare big data solution providers with a market share of 18.6% in 2020

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[Hong Kong - September 8, 2021 – Yidu Tech Inc.] – Yidu Tech Inc. (2158:HK), a healthcare big data and artificial intelligence solutions provider, announced that its subsidiary, YiduCloud, ranked No. 1 among the Chinese healthcare big data solution providers with a market share of 18.6% in 2020, according to report 'China Healthcare Big Data Solutions Market Shares, 2020: Advancing Adoption in Medical Treatment and Clinical Research' recently released by International Data Corporation (IDC), a premier global provider of market intelligence. The report notes that healthcare big data solutions play an increasingly important role in clinical and scientific research following years of development, and are expected to maintain rapid growth in the coming years.

With professional healthcare data at its core for innovation since inception, YiduCloud focuses on developing a healthcare big data platform and solutions, and has established a solid technology system to help hospitals unleash the value of healthcare data from clinical research practices. Meanwhile, YiduCloud has built up a disease registry database covering more than 50 disease areas, and has enriched clinical guidelines for multiple diseases. This has successfully improved clinical quality overall through application of practical experience.

According to the IDC report, the value of healthcare big data for supporting research and improving medical services has been widely recognized by the market. The continuous expansion of market demand will offer YiduCloud huge growth potential going forward. While advancing its healthcare data intelligent platform, YiduCloud has been launching new features to meet increasing market demand and to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements. It has also taken great efforts to strengthen capabilities in information security and data privacy, building considerable advantages in the development of domain knowledge and industry applications of healthcare big data technologies. Over the years, YiduCloud has partnered with renowned hospitals and medical experts on accumulating extensive industry insights through field practice. The constantly improving agility of its technology development has also brought new market opportunities.

Specifically, YiduCloud has received wide acclaim for information security and data privacy in various industry scenarios, including certifications of its information security management system, cloud service system and personally identifiable information system. In addition, the company has developed multi-center secure computing capabilities covering federated learning algorithms to empower joint research, unleashing the value of healthcare data while ensuring information security. As of today, YiduCloud’s multi-center secure computing platform has supported the formulation of dozens of federated learning models in the fields of statistics and machine learning.

Dr. Yan Jun, Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer of Yidu Tech, said, "With a mission 'to make value-based precision healthcare accessible to everyone,' Yidu Tech focuses on empowering the medical industry through its AI and big data technologies, thus improving public health. We are honored to participate in and witness the development of an industry which has substantial potential, from concepts and developing models to accumulating effective solutions and enhancing applications and practices. The recognition from IDC reaffirms the effort and persistence of Yidu Tech and YiduCloud in creating value for the industry and society and encourages us to pursue our vision of 'green healthcare empowered by data intelligence'."


About Yidu Tech Inc.

Founded in 2014, Yidu Tech Inc. focuses on the research, development and application of big data technology for the healthcare industry and provides the healthcare industry with innovative solutions driven by data intelligence, developing an innovative path to tap into the value of healthcare data. In 2021, Yidu Tech was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under stock code '2158:HK.'

Yidu Tech primarily operates in three business segments, namely Big Data Platform and Solutions, Life Sciences Solutions, and Health Management Platform and Solutions, which facilitate medical research, healthcare management, government public health policymaking and development of innovative drugs. By improving healthcare efficiency and reducing costs through technology, Yidu Tech aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.