Application Security Provider BoundaryX Receives Over CNY 10 Million in the Angel Round

Technology Author: Hu Bi Editor: Yiru Qian May 24, 2022 05:05 PM (GMT+8)

The proceedings from Monad Ventures will be invested on marketing, product upgrading and other related aspects.

Cloud primordial

The three-year-old startup BoundaryX (Chinese: 边界无限) announced the completion of an angel funding round on May 23, with the Force Capital being the exclusive financial advisor. The investor, Monad Ventures (Chinese: 初心资本), invested over CNY 10 million in the company.

Peiwen Chen, founder and CEO of the Beijing-headquartered company, denoted that the cloud-native security will become an increasing focus for a wide range of firms, and future security concerns and needs are expected to revolve around applications due to their speciality. Therefore, the company has prioritized the application security since 2020.  

Among the security products that protect applications, runtime application self-protection (RASP) has been receiving the most attention. In 2014, the technological consulting leader Gartner defined RASP as a critical trend in application security, which can be bound to the application to achieve self-protection while helping customers effectively protect against known and unknown attacks. 

However, RASP products were often questioned. These products need to determine the risk in real time, which may increase the burden of businesses. In addition, it uses staking technology that is invasive to customers. 

Nonetheless, Chen observed that every technology needs time to mature and pass the test of real-world operation, and now may be the right moment. 

Previsouly, BoundaryX launched its self-developed full-stack RASP cloud security protection system, Jingyun Jia, to provide dynamic security protection for cloud assets, applications and data.

A partner of Monad Ventures, Yu Zhenzhen, said with the rapid development of the next generation IT industry, network security has become the fourth major infrastructure after network, computing and storage. It is also a key area for the venture's layout.