Chinese Food Company MOODLES Completes Strategic Financing Round of CNY Tens of Millions

Consumer Discretionary Author: Jiawei Wu Editor: Yiru Qian Aug 09, 2022 05:55 PM (GMT+8)

MOODLES addresses the issue of enhancing national dietary diversity in an industrialized and low-cost way.

Rice noodles

MOODLES, founded in July 2021, is an emerging food technology innovation company in China and has completed a strategic round of financing of tens of millions of yuan led by Galileo Venture and followed by GGV Capital, Finewillcap, Lincent Capital. 

This is the third round of financing completed by MOODLES one year after its establishment. The proceedings will be mainly used for supply chain integration, team building and other aspects.

MOODLES mainly focuses on changing the form of traditional staple food through new technologies, for example, by combining 3D printing technology, molecular cuisine, modern nutrition and other disciplines, MOODLES solves the problem of high carbohydrate but low protein and low efficiency of nutritional intake of traditional rice and noodle products without changing consumer eating habits. 

Its technical principle is to reorganize ingredients through molecular cooking technology, and to fuse protein, high quality fat, dietary fiber and other comprehensive nutritional elements into a new form of "super staple food" by 3D printing technology, restoring the appearance and taste of traditional staple food products while significantly upgrading the product ingredient contents.

Founder and CEO of MOODLES, Peiran Zhu, notes that today innovation in technology may be the only driver of revolution and the next round of competition in the food industry is expected to be related to technology.