Bennu Biotherapeutics Bags Over CNY 100 Mn in Angel+ Financing Round

Healthcare Author: Mingxia Ren Aug 15, 2022 05:19 PM (GMT+8)

Biotech Bennu Biotherapeutics, focusing on the R&D and conversion of cutting-edge technologies in the cell therapy, will continue to contribute to global innovative cellular therapies for oncology and autoimmune diseases with the fresh proceeds.


Biotech Bennu Biotherapeutics (Chinese: 毕诺济生物) announced its completion of the Angel+ Financing Round worth over CNY 100 million on August 15. The round was led by INCE Capital (Chinese: 渶策资本), with the participation from Life Science Park Innovation Fund (Chinese: 生命园创投) and Witruth Capital (Chinese: 智诚资本).

The funding will be used to advance the company's product pipelines in preclinical studies and clinical development globally.

Founded in 2021, Bennu Biotherapeutics has raised hundreds of millions of CNY so far. Engaged in innovative T-cell therapies, the company has built a unique T-cell fate regulation target development platform and a T-cell engineering transformation platform. Besides, Bennu Biotherapeutics is committed to developing next-generation cellular therapies based on multiple T-cell types to solve the problems of existing therapies and bring revolutionary innovation to this field. The company's product pipelines are focused on the solid tumor treatment at this stage.

The company's competitors include Immunohead (Chinese: 易慕峰), Origincell Therapeutics (Chinese: 原启生物) and Bioheng (Chinese: 北恒生物).