ISTAR Bags Nearly CNY 300 Million in a New Funding Round

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Sep 09, 2022 04:29 PM (GMT+8)

ISTAR focuses on providing partners with advanced technology, reliable quality and development and production services for cost-optimized structural mechanisms.


ISTAR (Chinese: 爱思达) announced the completion of nearly CNY 300 million in its latest funding round, led by China Innovative Capital Management (Chinese: 中新融创), with participation from Tianjin Venture Capital (Chinese: 天创资本), Sino-briller Industry-Region Joint Development Funds (Chinese: 中丽基金) and Xingyong Captial (Chinese: 兴雍资本).

The proceeds are going to be used for the further development of cutting-edge new materials, as well as the construction of intelligent manufacturing production lines at the headquarters base of ISTAR for major application scenarios.

The company has first-class R&D, design simulation and process manufacturing capabilities for composite materials in China, as well as profound know-how in aerospace product development processes, quality system specifications, and management system operations. The company has the core software and hardware technology in the structural design of lightweight components, new material development and application, and advanced manufacturing processes.

Rocket fairings, satellite components, military products, UAVs and many other products developed by ISTAR have passed a number of various flight tests and got verifications. Some of them are ready to be mass-produced.

Established in March 2018, ISTAR is dedicated to the innovation and application promotion of aerospace technology and enjoys a leading position in China in advanced structure and mechanism design of aircraft, intelligent composite materials development and manufacturing processes.