Blue Lake-Backed SaaS Provider Guanmiao Raises Tens of Mns of USD in Angel Funding Round

Consumer Staples Author: Yiran Xing Editor: Yiran Xing Nov 01, 2022 09:34 AM (GMT+8)

Digitalization is spreading across various industries in China


Chinese fresh food all-in-one SaaS provider Guanmiao Technology (Chinese: 观妙科技) raised tens of millions of CNY in an Angel round of funding on 31 October from Vision Plus Capital (Chinese: 元璟资本), Blue Lake Capital (Chinese: 蓝湖资本) and Profound Capital (Chinese: 深涧资本).

This round of funding will be used for product construction, supply chain optimization, and accelerated market expansion.

The chain of the agricultural products industry is long and can be roughly divided into production, distribution and retail consumption. In 2022, Guanmiao Tech launched "Fresh Pro," an all-in-one SaaS platform for fresh agricultural products, which provides digital products and services for the wholesale, storage, processing and transportation of agricultural products according to different users.

China is a predominantly agricultural country with a huge agricultural market. However, digitization in the fresh food industry's supply chain and agriculture sector needs more.

In the post-epidemic era, online orders for fresh food are booming. From the stores to the supply chain, all sectors started to go online gradually.

The founder of Guanmiao Tech, Ling He, has many years of experience in this field and was formerly the CTO of Freshhema (Chinese: 盒马鲜生). As for the market competition of digitization, Ling He said that the current industry digitization is still at an early stage. Most of the existing solutions in the industry are single-point solutions, such as cash registers, with low intelligence and a lack of mature algorithms and application solutions.