WIA2020 | China's Top 50 Innovative Public Firms 2020

WIA2020 | China's Top 50 Innovative Public Firms 2020

WIA2020 | China's Top 50 Innovative Public Firms 2020

Technology Author: Beier Kan Dec 09, 2020 09:47 AM (GMT+8)




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Under the global public health shadows and the ongoing international relation tensions in 2020, companies are pushed to innovate to adapt to the 'new economy.' To assess Chinese public firms' innovation capacity, EqualOcean conducted an independent study. The work included detailed modeling of Chinese public companies' data across industries and stock bourses. The report's key insights aim to provide information for Chinese stock investors and industry players.


  • In 2020, mainland China, together with the Hong Kong stock exchange, is the second-largest capital market worldwide in both market capitalization and listing number. Chinese stocks have drawn great attention from global capital.
  • Innovations are getting harder to unlock business values, as companies' returns on innovation declined by 55% compared to 5 years ago.
  • The innovation input, which is primarily measured by the R&D expense to revenue ratio, was 3.53% in 2019, while top innovating Chinese public companies spent 13% of revenue on R&D-related projects on average.
  • The average capital market valuation of this portfolio is 20 P/S ratio, which is lower than the overall 30 P/S of China's A-shares, indicating the portfolio covers the trendiest companies as well as the rising and underestimated companies.
  • Both government policy and the market demand and supply triggered innovation. China's fourteenth FYP that emphasizes 'high-quality economy' and 'strategic resource concentration' will shape tomorrow's Chinese innovation outlook.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Report highlights
  • 3 Adaption for post-pandemic, reinvention for the future
  • 4 Analysis Matrix – input, output, and sustainability
  • 5 Most innovative 50 Chinese public firms in 2020 (Public 50)
  • 6 Innovation leaders in 8 industries (Public 10)
  • 7 How does the market react? – Public 50 Portfolio and global indexes
  • 8 A Dive into the Public 50 Portfolio — Descriptive statistics on Public 50 – Insights on the industry, geographical distribution, operation time, innovation returns and valuation — Top of the leaders – Who are the most committed innovators?
  • 9 What triggers innovation? — The outlook of future Chinese innovation
  • 10 Appendix
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