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Enterprise Services: Trends and Startups 2019
Enterprise Services: Trends and Startups 2019
EqualOcean presents -- 'Enterprise Services: Trends and Startups 2019.' Image credit: Shutterstock

We have prepared a series of research reports on the new generation of companies across several sectors around the globe. Our coverage includes 11 industries that have been affected the most by cutting-edge technology and are likely to shape the international economic landscape of tomorrow. This series is to be presented during the World Innovators Meet 2019, an annual event that gathers global leaders from a variety of fields at the heart of Beijing.

In this report, we examine several major trends in the enterprise services ecosystem. By looking into primary and secondary market dynamics, we found that enterprise technology is a rising trend, with lots of hot money flooding into software, applications, data analytics, and enterprise infrastructure. Here are the key highlights from our study.

The four largest public cloud services providers hold a 62.5% share in terms of IaaS and PaaS in Q4’2018.

Enterprise software startups received USD 43.1 billion capital over the last three years.

The average ROI of the SaaS companies that had IPOs in 2019 was 39.8%.

The customer dollar retention rate of SaaS companies went public in 2019 ranges from 120% to 140%.

Developers gain more power in enterprises as we see more automation solutions extending to more people across different departments in enterprises.

While open source technology is now used by large enterprises everywhere, the shift from closed-source software to open source is still in the early stage of development.

Next Global Tech 50: Enterprise services

The Enterprise Services Next Global Tech 50 map is designed to provide a broad view of the current enterprise tech ecosystem with the most promising startups representing each sector. Most of the companies we selected are in the early to mid-stage of their funding. The focus was mainly on new-generation enterprise software (including industry vertical SaaS, horizontal SaaS and other cloud-related technologies). We provide a unique perspective from China by also including 16 Chinese companies who are representatives of their trade in China.

Software & Applications is defined by software systems used by business users with the primary application being for collaboration and development. Sales & Marketing encompasses customer relationship management (CRM), digital marketing and customer services. Enterprise Infrastructure and Data & Analytics form the underlying layer of business – database, monitoring, management.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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