Entrepreneurs are thirsty for innovative ideas. They are determined to challenge the status quo and often risk for a better cause. As disruptive innovation brings both opportunities and threats, only risk-takers might eventually become the game-changers. WIM is here, for innovators like you.

  • Finn Kydland

    Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, Professor in Economics

    University of California, Santa Barbara

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  • David Weild

    Founder, Chairman, and CEO

    Weild & Co.

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  • Wang Lei

    Vice President of E-commerce

    Nestle (China) Co., Ltd

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  • Ni Guangnan


    Chinese Academy of Engineering

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  • Shi Yigong


    Chinese Academy of Sciences

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  • Xu Chenggang

    Professor of Economics

    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

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  • Fan Gang

    Professor of Economics

    HSBC Business School, Peking University

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  • Michael I. Jordan


    National Academy of Sciences

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  • Ji Wei

    Founding Management Partner

    Huaying Capital

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  • Scott Beardsley


    Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

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  • Thilo Kuther

    Founder, President


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  • Maarten de Rijke


    Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

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  • Liang Jianzhang

    Co-founder, Chairman

    Ctrip Travel Network

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  • Wang Jian


    Alibaba Group

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  • Wei Zhe

    Founding Partner, Chairman

    Jiayu Fund

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  • Ye Shanshan

    Marketing Director

    Little Red Book

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  • Yao Xing

    Vice President


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  • Huang Zheng

    Founder, CEO


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  • Wang Huiwen

    Co-founder, Senior VP

    Meituan Dianping

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  • Ren Quan



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Technology: Disruptive Innovation
Technology has long been the core drive of modern world’s disruptive innovation. An innovation can creates an new market and value network and disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances. Technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence are reshaping the world we live in.
Tendency: Intelligentization and Globalization
Fueled by artificial intelligence technologies, various industries are experiencing a transition from tradition to digitalization and intelligentization. Plus, along with the globalization process, the global industry chain starts to show its power. Follow the trend and make a fittest blueprint, to grow and to thrive.
The Rise of 2B Business
To B (2B) business trends up and 2B startups come in clusters. What is/are the driven force(s) behind the phenomenon? Tech, policy, education and others might all contribute to the popularity. Is now the best moment to develop 2B busines? No one knows but we know this is a fresh start.
  • Brand Innovators: China's New Brands Eye on Century-old Competitors

  • Israele to be the Pearl of Cybersecurity Crown

  • The Emerging Entrepreneurship in Human Sapiens Origin

  • To B Service Blooms for a Spring

  • The Female Leadership to Start in Startups


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