World Innovators Meet will be held in Beijing, the political, economic, and cultural center of China.
Indeed, the ancient city is well-known for attractions like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, but now, it is famed for another identity - the global innovation center.
Up to July 2019, there are more than 90 unicorn companies headquartered in Beijing such as Bytedance (the parent company of Tik Tok), Didi, SenseTime, Megvii, and so on. The city has incubated giants including Baidu,, and Sina. Enterprises and startups choose Beijing as their headquarters for one reason: this is a place full of possibilities.
Beijing is the home to two of the world’s top 25 universities, Tsinghua University and Peking University, and several others in the top 500. The higher education strengths prepare the city with substantial human capital resources to compete with other world innovation centers like Silicon Valley in the U.S. and Silicon Wadi in Israel.
With favored entrepreneurship climate and resources, Beijing is destined to be one
of the most innovative centers in the world.
Over 250 venture capital companies such as Sequoia Capital China, IDG, ZhenFund, Vertex Ventures, and other VCs set offices in Beijing and some of them headquartered here. More than 1,000 investment companies settled in this city to find opportunities and invest in future giants.
Guo Mao area is the central business district on the east side of Beijing. Over 400 thousand white collars work at Guo Mao and hence the traffic in this area is heavy especially during rush hours.
A kind reminder for all WIMers: please arrange your time to attend accordingly. Bellows are public transportation options.

Line 1/10 - Guo Mao Station (国贸, 490 m, 4 min walk)

Bus (stops are ranked by distance)

Jing Mao Jie Xi Kou (景茂街西口, < 100 m, 1 min walk)

Bus route(s): Express line 169

Guang Hua Qiao Xi (光华桥西, 121 m, 2 min walk)

Bus route(s): 639, Express line 34

Guang Hua Li (光华里, 289 m, 3 min walk)

Bus route(s): Express line 169

Da Bei Yao Bei - North Bound(大北窑北, 303 m, 3 min walk)

Bus route(s): 113, 402,.405, 488, 619, 650, 98, Express line 113/143/15/69/79

Da Bei Yao Bei - South Bound (大北窑北-南行 (304 m, 3 min walk)

Bus route(s): 488

Guang Hua Qiao Nan (光华桥南, 321 m, 3 min walk)

Bus route(s): 9, 405, 619, Express line 169

Da Bei Yao Xi (大北窑西, 421 m, 4 min walk)

Bus route(s): 1,9, 28,58, 619, 668, 668 Express, 804, Express line 5/12/13/162/169

Beijing Zhi Yao Chang (北京制药厂, 444 m, 4 min walk)

Bus route(s): 639

Guang Hua Qiao Bei (光华桥北, 456 m, 5 min walk)

Bus route(s): 98, 113, 405, 488, 650