World Innovators Meet(WIM) is beyond an event - WIM is a platform and a community.
Held in Beijing in every December, WIM is one of the largest celebration activities designated for innovators in the world. Beijing is the capital of China and is the center of innovators. With crowds of talents and tech companies, Beijing has witnessed the rise of giants and some of them like Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Meituan Dianping, Xiaomi,, Bytedance, SenseTime, etc. chose to set their headquarters at here.
China has become one of the technological innovation centers in the world and none wants to miss any chances on this land. It took only a decade to change from C2C (Copy to China) to CFC (Copy from China) in the Internet tech field. Now, CFC is trending up and making impacts on other parts of the world.

The Internet market competition is intense in China, and it is not rare that Internet companies adopt "996" (9am-9pm, 6 days a week) working time. This is the reality and it is the force that pushes Internet companies in China to innovate, to create, and to excel eventually. CFC's prevalence is not coincident. All industrious efforts and hard workings are appreciated and rewarded.

Science and technology innovations brought by the fourth revolution of science and technology has been on the up. The world has been overturned by technologies for centuries and the trend will last. Every enterprise and individual is a witness of social changes.

China is opening its gate to welcome more overseas technological innovation companies - to root, to grow, and to thrive; Chinese companies and venture capital firms are actively expanding their business map. Either being open and innovative or disappear.

WIM invites investors from top VC firms to share the upfront technological development trend in the world and entrepreneurs from innovative companies to communicate their practical innovation-related practice. At WIM, a number of industrial analysis reports are published each year; World Innovators Awards announced at the conference, are the most-focused rewards in the Internet industry.
WIM works as an enterprise and startup service platform to help innovators and entrepreneurs to communicate and learn from giants: organize Internet company tour for WIM participants to visit big-name Internet companies in big Beijing area; arrange cocktail meeting for Chinese investors and overseas startups to explore possibilities; set up closed sessions for startups who seek for opportunities in Beijing with government officials.

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Innovators, we keenly look forward to seeing you at WIM in Beijing!