Technology Author:Yongqian Yang , Qinqie,He Mar 01, 2023 05:01 PM (GMT+8)

While Chinese robot companies continue to improve their competitiveness in the domestic market, they also start actively going abroad and participating in international competitions. In the post-epidemic era, the global trend of machine replacement is becoming more and more prominent, making it an even better time for going out. At EqualOcean, we list 10 Chinese robot companies with promising overseas layouts.


1.     Pudu Technology 

Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 普渡科技) was founded in Shenzhen in 2016. It is a national high-tech enterprise that develops, designs, produces and sells commercial service robots. After six years of development, Purdue Technology has established hundreds of service outlets, with business in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide and a cumulative shipment of over 53,000 units. It has developed into a global leader in commercial service robots. While gaining recognition in the market, Purdue Technology has also been favored by capital. So far, Purdue Technology has received several rounds of financing totaling more than CNY one billion. Strategic investors such as Tencent, Sequoia China, Meituan, Shenzhen Investment Holdings, and Greater Bay Area Fund have continued to invest.

 In the intelligence era, Purdue Technology will continue to uphold the "inventor spirit," consolidate technology, polish products, create truly useful robot products, and improve the efficiency of human production and life.

 Under the background of the global service industry facing the common labor problem of "difficulty in recruiting workers," Purdue Technology officially launched a large-scale overseas market in 2020, and its shipments have grown rapidly, 8% increase to more than 80% at the current stage.

 2.     Roborock

Roborock (Chinese: 石头科技) was established in Beijing in July 2014. It is a company that researches, develops and produces intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent appliances. Roborock has assembled a group of technology experts with dreams and has rich innovation and practical experience in artificial intelligence, software algorithms, electronic engineering, mechanical structure design and supply chain management.

 Today, Roborock has grown into a global company with products in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board in February 2020. In the future, Stonerock will continue to explore cutting-edge technologies to improve human life and is committed to simplifying life with innovation.

 Stonerock went overseas in 2017. By the end of 2021, it has ranked third in the global market and second in the European market, second only to iRobot. As of 2021, Stonerock's overseas revenue exceeded CNY 4 billion, accounting for 70% of the total revenue.

3.     Keenon Robotics

Shanghai Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. (Chinse: 擎朗智能) is a service robot product and solution provider and an artificial intelligence enterprise trusted by global customers. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Shanghai and has set up 70+ after-sales and marketing operation centers nationwide. 

Using advanced intelligent service robots and artificial intelligence technology, Keenon Robotics creates efficient, stable, reliable and practical solutions to help companies worldwide improve service efficiency and achieve intelligent upgrades. At present, the customers served by the company cover diverse scenarios such as catering, hotels, office buildings, medical care, community elderly care, airports, and shopping centers.

 Relying on stable and reliable products, rich experience in global projects and efficient and high-quality after-sales service, Keenon Robotics has become a partner of many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Haidilao (Chinese: 海底捞), Grandma's House (Chinese: 外婆家), Guangzhou Restaurant (Chinese:广州酒家), Quanjude (Chinese: 全聚德), Sofitel Hotel, Westin Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and more.

 4.     Quicktron

Established in 2014, Quicktron (快仓) was born with the mission of "letting human beings no longer carry." It provides customers with solutions centered on mobile robot clusters and intelligent operating systems, which are maturely applied to three significant scenarios, including e-commerce, distribution, and manufacturing, helping customers to accelerate internal cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the logistics link. 

 As the leader in the application of mobile robots in product-level scenarios, Quicktron is committed to providing users with product-level solutions, from application scenarios, process reengineering to software algorithms, from multi-agent systems to intelligent robots, through subversive business concepts and highly integrated software and hardware, with cost-effective solutions, achieving the transformation of the e-commerce warehouse operation mode from "people to goods" to "shelves to people," providing customers with the most advanced "smart order picking system solutions."

 Quicktron has delivered intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Third-Party Logistics, shoes and apparel, daily chemicals, cosmetics, supermarkets, small 3C, medicine, retail, and other industries. The accumulated deployment exceeds 30,000 mobile robots. In addition to the Chinese headquarters, R&D center, and operation center, Quicktron has established branches in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Singapore to serve local users in-depth and comprehensively accelerate the global process.

 5.     JAKA Robotics 

JAKA Robotics (Chinese: 节卡) is a collaborative robot developer founded in 2014 by engineers and robotics scholars. The 6-axis JAKA Zu™ series collaborative robot (JAKA Zu) is the main product line. The overall optimization of the motor, reducer, drive control board, etc., reduces the weight of the robot body. Combined with integrated joint design, torque feedback, visual recognition, drag-and-drop programming, wireless teaching and other functions, JAKA has cooperated closely with more than 300 excellent automation solution companies from all walks of life worldwide. So far, the company has deployed more than 10,000 robots worldwide. They flexibly and efficiently serve the production lines of world-renowned brands in sectors such as automobiles, electronics, and semiconductors. They are also engaged in direct contact with consumers in many new commercial and consumer fields.

 On October 2022, JAKA officially released JAKA Mini Cobot and JAKA Pro series to overseas markets. Up to now, JAKA has set up service teams in Asia, Europe, North America and other places, forming a China-Japan-Europe global robot industry cluster.

 6.     SIASUN CO., LTD

SIASUN CO., LTD. (Chinese: 中科新松) is the international headquarter of SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD. (Chinese: 新松机器人集团) in Shanghai. The main business of SIASUN CO., LTD. includes DUCO intelligent robot and SIASUN Smart Factory.

 Focusing on the independent R&D and manufacturing of the serialization products of intelligent robots, DUCO intelligent robot has built a product service system based on DUCO Cobot, DUCO AMR, DUCO Mind, DUCO Core (operating system) and DUCO Cloud. With the characteristics of intelligence, safety and stability, they are widely used in various industries such as automobile, energy, semiconductor, 3C, food and medicine, and used in education and scientific research. DUCO Cobots have been exported to various countries and regions worldwide, such as Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, as a world-renowned brand.

 SIASUN Smart Factory uses SIASUN's rich robot products and powerful robot system technology to provide customers with the design and implementation of digital factory automation system solutions integrating core manufacturing technology development, process flow research and system planning.

 7.     AUBO Intelligent Technology 

AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 遨博智能) was founded in 2015 and is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of collaborative robots.

 As an overall solution provider for collaborative robots, AUBO has developed collaborative robot products with core intellectual property rights, achieved localization of core components, and broken the long-term foreign monopoly. AUBO products have passed EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (PL=d, CAT 3), European CE, North American NRTL, Korean KCs, Chinese CR, SEMI S2, cleanliness class 5 and other certifications. AUBO products are widely used in 3C, automobiles, hardware appliances, kitchen and sanitary ware, medical health, scientific research and education, catering, new retail, daily chemicals, logistics and other industries due to their safety, stability and easy programming. The sales and technical support network covers China, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

 AUBO has established an excellent technical research and development team, led in declaring 2 key national research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and presided over the formulation of 3 national standards. In 2020, its "Key Technology and Industrialization of High-Precision Modular Human-Machine Collaborative Robot" project won the first prize in the Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.

 8.     Syrius Robotics

Syrius Robotics (Chinese: 炬星) is the first enterprise in China to focus on the research and development of AMR (autonomous mobile robot) software, hardware and cloud services, and is committed to providing future productivity for thousands of industries.

 Focusing on AMR+AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) to productivity problems from both "physical strength" and "brain power," Syrius solution has been maturely implemented in the field of warehousing and logistics, realizing the transformation of flexible smart warehouses with a low threshold for customers. Syrius service targets include world-class e-commerce, retail giants and logistics groups. In addition, the entire technical system has achieved a high degree of standardization and can be quickly migrated to other commercial fields.

 As a national high-tech enterprise, since its establishment in 2018, Syrius has established offices and experience warehouses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore and has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan.

 9.     Elite Robot

Established in 2018, Suzhou Elite Robot Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 艾利特) is a one-stop solution provider for collaborative robots. The company is committed to providing users with collaborative robot products based on platform control capabilities.

 From the underlying operating system to embedded hardware and software, process packages and maximum computing power to the modular joint technology of collaborative robots, Elite has achieved independent research and development except for the reducer. Elite sells a collaborative robot product with 3 loads - EC series (3kg/ 6kg/ 12kg load). This series has accumulated a good reputation in the industry for its stable operation, smooth dragging, complete functions and high cost-performance ratio. This series has been successfully introduced into collaborative robot projects for leading customers, including auto parts, 3C electronics, metal processing, home appliances, electricity, and new retail.

 In 2022, Elite pressed the fast-forward button for its overseas plan. It has successfully and continuously formed overseas teams, signed increasing orders from 25 countries and regions, and showcased its products at major international exhibitions.

 10.  Hai Robotics

Founded in 2016, Hai Robotics (Chinese: 海柔创新) is the world's leading logistics and warehousing robot company. It is committed to providing efficient, intelligent and flexible logistics and warehousing industry solutions through robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms, helping companies in various industries worldwide improve logistics and warehousing efficiency. 

 Hai Robotics serves global leaders in footwear, 3PL, retail, 3C manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cross-border e-commerce and other industries, including world-renowned brands such as SF Express Supply Chain, Philips, Li & Fung, Anta, Bosideng, and Sinopharm. Hai Robotics has comprehensive service and operation capabilities in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide and has cooperated with 500+ commercial projects worldwide. Hairou Innovation has more than 1,600 employees worldwide, over 50% of whom are R&D personnel, and now owns more than 1,100 global intellectual property rights.

 The HaiPick system is the earliest box-type storage robot system developed and put into commercial use, which can assist warehouses in automatic management and realize intelligent handling, picking, and sorting. Using the HaiPick system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation within a week, increase the storage density by 80%-500%, and improve the work efficiency of workers by 3-6 times.