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  • United Imaging Healthcare
  • InferVision
  • 12Sigma
  • VoxelCloud
  • medlinker
  • Deepwise
  • Huiyihuiying
  • I-Mab Biopharma
  • Jacobiopharma
  • Yucebio
  • Shcell
  • Medtrum


  • Huang Yuanpu
  • Feng Linyan
  • Zhang Fan
  • Fu Yingwei
  • Zheng ShiYu
  • Tang Shiyu
  • Li Jia
  • Tang Shiyu
  • Xie Xin
  • Qasim Khan
  • Wang Zekun
  • Annie Chen
  • An Feng
  • Yusuf Tuna
  • Sylvia Liang
  • Wang Butao
  • Zhang Jingwen
  • Shang Yang
  • Ivan Platonov
  • Zhou Sirui
  • Zhou Huiting
  • Qiu Yuxian
  • WIM Committee
  • Aysen Sutakov
  • Li Chunhui
  • Yi Huicong

EqualOcean is a leading industrial tech media and investment research company that focuses on technological and industrial innovation in China.

We aim to assist Chinese entrepreneurial enterprises to break into the global market and provide overseas investors, VCs, and enterprises with a deeper understanding of China's business environment and to seize opportunities in China.

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