2018 EO Innovators Annual Conference Held at Beijing, China
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Dec 1, 2018/EqualOcean/ - Started on November 29, 2018, EqualOcean (亿欧国际) and sister website (亿欧公司) held the annual two-day event, 2018 EO Innovators Annual Conference themed “Intelligent Industries, Better Life”, at China World Summit Wing. More than 5,000 innovators, industry leaders and prestigious scholars from diverse fields attended the conference. In 2018, AI industry has sprouted and thrived, and new intelligent technologies have been applied in varied industries; brands and startups in big health, new consumption, and other fields have come into public in groups.

Long Yongtu

LONG Yongtu (龙永图), the president of Global CEO Conference, shared his insights in economic globalization. Innovation in the science-tech field is the leading force that pushes the globalization; progress in technology drives the global production.

Ni Guangnan

Reputable scholars from different research fields delivered enlightening speeches at the conference. NI Guangnan(倪光南), the member of CAE(Chinese Academy of Engineering), emphasized the significance of open source chip’s innovation and predicted that open source chip’s development would advance the IT service’ upgrading based on market demand for service providers, and mutually lower the costs of chip’s innovation.

Xu Chenggang

Beyond the discussions of chip industry’s innovation, Prof. XU Chenggang(许成钢) from CKGSB (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) summarized the momentum that drives the economic difference in world-wide countries is the industrial revolution/reformation. Furthermore, he proposed that the industrial revolution is a massive-scale game of survival the fittest and must leave the decision right to the market.

Wang Feiyue

At the time we live in, the Fourth Industrial Renovation is ongoing. Among which, the intelligentization is the top priority. WANG Feiyue (王飞跃), the Director of CASIA’s SKL-MCCS (Chinese Academy of Science - Institute of Automation’s State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems), pointed that the key to the term “industrial intelligentization” is the accurate, intelligent and solution-oriented knowledge condensed from big data aggregated by quantitative fragment data. He further argued that the future’s unemployment rate would not be exacerbated by artificial intelligence (AI) owing to the Jevons Paradox embedded in industrial intelligentization – AI would replace some labor force but in return, the demand of labor force emerged from new industries would accordingly increase.

In the conference, representative entrepreneurs went on the stage and shared their experience and expectations regarding innovations and in their industries. 

Zhang Sicheng

Dingding (钉钉), a sub-company of Alibaba Group, vice president ZHANG Sicheng (张斯成) delivered a speech of how Dingding assists in advancing the progress of economics digitalization. In his argument, digital economics is the trend and Dingding is the shortcut for companies to become digitalized in settings of business communication.

Kang Wei

KANG Wei(康伟), Haier U+ Planning Department vice manager, expounded that Haier U+’s mission and responsibilities in the smart home and presented a speech of “ IoT + AI Enables Smart Home”. As a pioneer company in China’s smart home industry, Haier U+ carries the responsibilities of defining industry’s standard and the duty to lead the industry.

Song Chen

In conference’ parallel session New Tech New Motive, SONG Chen(宋晨), Ping An Technology AI Product Team’s general manager, opinioned at the roundtable that technological development’s eventual purpose is to better off human life. Whether AI or smart city, they all revolve the theme of “Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency” for citizens’ living.

Mao Daqing

The founder and the president of the board of Ucommune (优客工场) MAO Daqing (毛大庆) claimed that the market of shared workspace would soon enter a growth stage with high speed and high value.

Mu Xiaohai

The business director of Tencent Smart Retail(腾讯智慧零售) MU Xiaohai (母小海) mentioned that Tencent expects to effectively utilize digitalization to achieve a mutual complement between sellers and itself. Currently, Tencent is elevating its smart retail products in customization, site selection, sales volume forecast, marketing risk management and upgrading retail store.

Mechelle Ma

Michelle Ma (马逍), the Walmart China e-Commerce director, admitted that technology and digitalization have reshaped and altered the retail industry as a whole and new retail stores are sources of new digitalized assets.

Ren Quan

REN Quan(任泉), the co-founder of StarVC appealed that innovative thinking is a must-have quality for innovators and investors. Innovators should think creatively and innovatively and never use out-of-time standards to vision future. Future is unknown and hence could not be measured by standards. What we could do is to imagine audaciously and innovatively and then actualize imaginations into reality.

Wang Bin

The co-founder and president of, WANG Bin(王彬) shared a picture of future: the expansion in developing areas and overseas countries is the key to break the market ceiling and broaden the room for growth; intelligentization of industry and original innovation could stimulate and generate new bonus on the supply side; the completion and improvement of new commerce’ infrastructure would urge brand new business branches; intelligent technologies and upgraded consumption continue to breed new functions; primary and secondary market would reform into new capital.

Huang Yuanpu

In the conference, scholars, experts, founders, and investors gathered together and shared their insights and thoughts about future tech industry development. EO held the conference with privilege and provided a communication platform for the technology industry with great pleasure. EqualOcean’s founder, HUANG Yuanpu (黄渊普) said, EO's ultimate pursuit is to be a company with a global impact and push industrial development as an aside through providing outstanding service for companies and industries.

--Author: FU YingWei; write to YingWei at

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