Yuanfudao Terminates Its One to One Online Education Section
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Jan 16, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - According to, Yuanfudao responsed officially that the company has closed its one to one online education function recently and it is just normal business restructuring within the company.

As the leading online education company in China, Yuanfudao provides online question bank, question searching through picturing, and online education mainly through its three Apps: Yuantiku (猿题库), Xiaoyuansouti (小猿搜题), Yuanfudao (猿辅导). Yuanfudao claims that it is providing online K12 education to more than 1.16 million paying users in China.

Though Yuanfudao claims that the close of one to one online education is just normal business restructure, it is still to be doubted: how could a company shut down a quite profitable section just for business restructure? This could be the reaction of the online K12 company to adjust the new requirement of the policy change of the Chinese Government. Yuanfudao closed its one to one online education function as the online k12 education company cannot forbid the online recruiment of inservice teachers that work in campus.

It is well known that in China, the policies instruct the development of politics and economies. Since 2018, the Chinese Government has relesed several new policies in the education field. According to Ministry of Education of the Poeple's Republic of China (MOE),  the state council has released the official document Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Regulating the Development of Off-Campus Training Institutions (The Opinions) on August 22, 2018. LV Yugang (吕玉刚), the director of the Department of Basic Education under the MOE, claims that it is the first time for the state council to regulate the after-school training market and this move will play a pivotal role in Chinese education market. 

The Opinions regulate the off-campus training institution in three aspects: the site, the teaching resources and the management. The teaching resouces aspect requires that off-campus training institutions should have stable teaching resources, and should not hire inservice teachers who work in campus. MOE empharsizes that the education department should regulates the online education strictly.

December 13, 2018, MOE announced officially on the News Release Conference that the government has checked the regulations of more than 400 thousand off-campus training institutions, there are 273 thousand problematic institutions, and 248 thousand institutions have received reforming, the reform completion rate is more than 90%.

The policies in the education field shows the Chinese government is emphasizing the regulation on education industry, some traditional off-campus education companies may switch to the online education due to the pressure. The reforming in online education industry may bring out both pressure and chance for the K12 education companies. 

Founded in 2012, Yuanfudao develops fast by keep upgrading its products to meet the market need. December 25, 2018, Yuanfudao Completed Its Latest Series Financing of USD 300 Million, now Yuanfudao is valued at USD 3 Billion. The termination of the one to one online education section shows Yuanfudao is actively to reform itself to embrace the change of the government policy. Education industry is not only a commercial industry, but an industry that should focuses on bringing the kids a bright future. 

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