ŠKODA x Innoway 48hrs Hackathon "The Future of Urban Mobility"

Author: Huicong Yi Dec 10, 2019 02:30 PM (GMT+8)

Focus on urban mobility solutions

Image credit: Skoda & Innoway

The second Smart Travel Creative Hackathon co-organized by Skoda and the innovation platform Innoway Venture Street was held in Beijing. In the two-day competition, more than 100 participants launched creative competitions in four different directions related to urban travel.

The competition lasts 48 hours and the theme is" The Future of Urban Mobility ". Nearly 100 players including entrepreneurs, students, programmers, and makers signed up to compete in four directions related to future urban travel, and the top three teams received rewards, and Skoda Auto China Digital Lab will collaborate with outstanding performers on related ideas.

Dr. Ralf Hanschen, President of Skoda China, said: "We are very pleased to host the second Smart Travel Creative Marathon in China. Since the first Creative Marathon was successfully held in April, the platform has attracted many young talents, Skoda works with them to jointly develop innovative concepts and solutions for future travel services. The Creative Marathon is an important measure for the development of digital business and a new generation of mobile travel services. Our goal is to serve the Chinese and global markets. Customers develop innovative mobility solutions. "

During the 2nd Creative Marathon, Skoda Auto China Digital Lab cooperated with various departments within the group, including Volkswagen Group China's Yijia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Asia Innovation Center, and Skoda Auto Prague Digital Lab. Propose challenge propositions and provide guidance to participants.

The theme of this event is "The Future of Urban Mobility". Participants need to propose innovative concepts and ideas for the following four directions: open challenges for urban mobility; data-driven micro-mobility; transportation in the new era (start / last mile); and motorcycle travel services.

Including the development of future mobility solutions, innovation and creativity are important driving forces for the development of emerging economies. Innoway is the partner of this event. This innovation platform is dedicated to providing Chinese startups with professional knowledge and business relationship networks to promote the creation of ideas and the enhancement of innovation capabilities.

In 2018, Skoda participated in the Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Season event and began to cooperate with Innoway. The creative marathon held by the two parties has now become a platform for Skoda to work closely with local startups. Startups are an important source of new digital business and solution ideas and new business models.

With its 2025 strategy, Skoda initiated the largest transformation in brand history—from a traditional car manufacturer to a smart mobility solution provider. Within five years, Skoda will invest EUR 2 billion in research and development of new energy technologies and the development of new mobility services.

Skoda ’s new innovation center, the Skoda Auto China Digital Lab, was officially opened in Beijing in April 2019. The establishment of this lab marks an important step for Skoda in China towards innovation and digital development. The creative team at Skoda Auto China Digital Lab is constantly exploring and developing new business models. The laboratory is the third innovation center established by Skoda Automotive after the Prague Digital Lab and the Tel Aviv Digital Lab.