With the Growth of Renewables and Clean Transport, Every Day Can Be ‘Earth Day’
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Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan/China. Image credit: Gozde Celik.

Earth Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity. On this day, various international events take place to promote awareness of the Earth’s natural environment and understanding of its biodiversity. But every year the central theme of the events is the question of ‘how should we protect our natural treasure – plants, animals and the environment?’

There is no path to protecting the climate without dramatically changing how we produce and use electricity. In the US and China – the two biggest contributors of global CO2 emissions – most of the energy production still comes from burning fossils. Moreover, emissions from the transport sector is another major contributor to climate change – about 14 percent of annual emissions and around a quarter of CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuels.

EqualOcean believes that renewable energy and clean transportation solutions, such as electric cars, scooters and buses, will be the most critical sectors in the future. These sectors are providing the technological edge in the fight against climate change. 

Therefore, we have prepared a report in which we analyze some of the most significant Chinese companies providing renewable energy and clean transportation solutions domestically and globally. Although Chinese companies in these sectors fall behind in terms of technology compared to their overseas peers, they have the upper hand in providing their solutions at lower prices. Moreover, with the state backing their operations, these companies are increasing R&D expenditures to increase the efficiency of their products. 

Consequently, combined with lower prices and increasing efficiency, Chinese companies might answer the developing world’s needs in renewables and clean transportation. The report further explores the future challenges and opportunities for these industries. 

Soon the full version of the report will be available on our website, and we will continue publishing reports on green technologies and startups in the future.

►Happy Earth Day to all!  

We hope that in the future, the growth of renewable energy projects and clean transportation solutions will make every day an ‘Earth Day.’ 

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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