OTEC - Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference: Preliminary Round Recap

Technology Author: WIM Committee, WIM Committee Sep 04, 2020 02:32 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean's flagship WIM x OTEC Data Intelligence & New Infrastructure Track took place on September 1 at EO's Headquarters in Beijing. Together with pioneering startups and industry experts, we witnessed a day of innovation unfold.

Who made it to the finals?

EqualOcean x OTEC

Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) represents the Chaoyang Government body in providing full-package support and guidance through the complete provision of capital, supportive policies, technological resources, incubation opportunities and accelerated one-stop services for overseas returnees.

Similarly, EqualOcean strives to bridge the facilitation between high-quality entrepreneurs and top-notch investment institutions. The OTEC event thoroughly optimized collaboration from both entities to create an offline interactive WIM Salon event for all participants and beyond.


Together with the Beijing Chaoyang High-level Talent Service Centre,  we welcomed eight industry experts and investors, plus 30 innovative startups in the industry. After a full day of fierce back-to-back competition with some high-quality, ingenious pitches from our 30 contestants, ten top-notch innovative startups made it to the Final Round. Together with the support of our 10+ community partners, we pulled off a day of stimulating and focused exchanges.

With a grand total of 70+ startups signing up, covering a broad spectrum of domains under Data Intelligence and New Infrastructure, including Security Monitoring, Financial Monitoring, E-commerce, Transportation, Logistics, Biotechnology. Thirty of which were shortlisted into the first-round Preliminary, where each contestant prepared a four-minute roadshow presentation before the esteemed judge panel, followed by a Q&A engagement.

Who Were They?

The following ten finalist teams, each with a well-rounded founding team composition, business model, and operation strategies have made it to the Final round (in alphabetical order):

AI-Based Virtual Try-on (AR/VR) SaaS Technologies

AI Solution for Industry Quality Detected

BaoJiang AI

Customer Experience Management Platform

Development and Industrialization of High-Reliability Radiation-Resistant MCU Chip

Dexterous Intelligent Robot


Hyperautomation Systems for Enterprise Process

Next-Generation Large Scale Quantum AI Co-Processor

Non-Neumann Architecture for Network Computing

Panda AI Technology

Security Intelligent Platform Based on AI

What's Next?

Next up, to find out which Innovator is going to be the winner of CNY 1 million along with a generous government entrepreneur support package, join us this Saturday, September 5 at the Beijing Fortune Plaza for the OTEC Finals! Another ten industry experts and three guest speakers will join us and share their very own insights on entrepreneurship in Data Intelligence and much more invaluable advice on their experience setting foot in this eye-opening domain of innovation.

Community Parters:

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