Pinduoduo Forays into Healthcare Business

Healthcare Author: Mengyao Zhang Sep 18, 2020 02:56 PM (GMT+8)

Following Alibaba and JD Group, another tier-one Chinese e-commerce enters the healthcare segment.

Will Pinduoduo create another popular healthcare app? Alexander Sinn/Unsplash

Xichang Health Tech, a healthcare company, was established on September 17 with CNY 1 million in registered capital. The young company has Mr. Zhu Jianchong, the senior executive of Pinduoduo, as its legal representative and is wholly owned by Aimi Internet Technology – Pinduoduo’s affiliated company.

The young company engages in the food business, type three medical devices, remote health management services and hospital management. Earlier last month, Aimi Internet Technology also established a health tech company in Hainan for type III medical devices.

After Alibaba’s Ali Health and JD Group’s JD Healthcare, Pinduoduo finally started to operate in some healthcare areas. General Health is a popular concept in China and has a comparably low industry threshold. So far, many Internet-based companies have stepped in the healthcare and made some impressive records amid the pandemic, such as Ali Health, WeDoctor and JD Healthcare.

Besides the e-commerce side, companies from other areas that engage in healthcare include search engine areas such as Baidu and Sogou – and some from livestreaming, such as ByteDance.