Battery Maker CATL Reaches Cooperation with Arun Plus

Automotive Author: Xiangqun Ji Editor: Tao Ni May 17, 2022 10:33 AM (GMT+8)

The cooperation between CATL and Arun Plus will improve the development of Thailand’s new energy vehicle industry and competitive advantages for both companies.


CATL, which focuses on the development, production and sale of power battery systems, energy storage systems and lithium battery materials, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with Thailand’s Arun Plus in battery business to integrate electric vehicle supply chain within ASEAN.

Arun Plus, a wholly owned subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited, will be authorized by CATL to use the Cell-to-Pack (CTP) technology. 

CTP is a battery technology that directs integration of cells into a battery pack without the modules used in most current pack designs. CATL claims that CTP improves the system energy density of the battery pack. It can deliver 13% more power than the 4680-format cells Tesla is shifting to, based on the same volume.

According to a announcement, both CATL and Arun Plus will provide batteries to Horizon Plus, which was established by Arun Plus and Foxconn and plans to manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand in 2024.

 CATL leads the global power battery market. In 2021, CATL ranks No.1 with a global market share of 32.6%, and it takes around a 50% market share in China, according to CNY Research.