Biotech Firm GenEditBio Nets Tens of Mns of USD in Angel and Pre-Series A Financing Rounds

Healthcare, Financials Author: Mianmian Wang May 25, 2022 04:11 PM (GMT+8)

GenEditBio, the gene editing-based solution provider, will accelerate its drug development with the proceeds.

Gene editing

Recently, GenEditBio (Chinese: 引正基因) announced the completion of its angel and pre-Series A financing rounds worth tens of millions of USD. 

This round was led by Qiming Venture (Chinese: 启明创投) with participation from FountainVest Partners (Chinese: 方源资本). 

The funding will be used to accelerate the development of the next-generation gene editing tool and the product pipeline as well as introducing industry experts and technical personnel, thereby to further complete the R&D and management team. 

GenEditBio, founded in 2021, is a biotech start-up specializing in providing gene editing-based solutions for genetic diseases that have no cures or lack simple treatments. 

GenEditBio owns a proprietary off-target detection technology platform and a proprietary gene editing tool which are being used to develop several in vivo gene editing-based drugs. It also has partnered with companies that own advanced lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery systems, aiming for providing a safer and more precise treatment with less off-target effect.  

Dr Zheng Zongli, the founder of GenEditBio, has extensive research experience in the field of the next-generation gene editing, off-target detection and precise base editing across the globe. He is the co-developer of GUIDE-Seq, a molecular biology technique that has been widely used for the unbiased in vitro detection of off-target genome editing events.